How can you
make your
business better?

The levy will inspire you to invest in substantive, accredited, professional-grade training programmes for your staff. After all which smart agency would simply want to pay more tax and ignore all the benefits the levy has to offer? We haven’t met an agency yet that doesn’t want to become a part of Creative Pioneers.


Agencies are always telling us about the “people challenges” they face. A well-crafted and well-supported programme, funded by your apprenticeship levy, tackles these problems.


Apprenticeships enable you to find, recruit and develop people from different backgrounds. Different people bring with them different ways of thinking. Casting your net wider for talent is a no-brainer.


Want your staff to know how much you value them? At Creative Pioneers, we still haven’t found a better way than investing money in their skills. People will stay longer if you use your levy to develop their careers.


Why risk losing people who have been good and loyal simply because their skills become outdated? Levy-funded programmes that upskill or re-skill staff future proof your workforce.

Who can be trained with
apprenticeship levy funds

Good news. The government has made big changes. It used to be that only those without a degree could be funded, and any funding was skewed towards younger people. Not any longer. Now graduates are eligible as long as their apprenticeship programme is sufficiently different from their degree, and levy vouchers have equal value regardless of age.

School Leavers and
'first jobbers'

Introduce apprenticeship programmes and attract those who want to go straight from school into a career.


Combine your graduate programmes with ours to give extra structure, depth and rigour and minimise the risks of people leaving as soon as the graduate scheme is over.

Early Hires

Attach a levy-funded training programme to roles where you’re looking for 1-3 years’ experience, to make the roles more attractive, to increase the chances of the hire being a success and to make sure you keep the person for longer.

Upskill existing employees

Invest in levy-funded programmes to kick start and refresh the careers of staff that you want to be as valuable in the future as they have been up to now.

Make the most of the opportunity

Embrace everything that Creative Pioneers has to offer. We’re here, at the IPA and with our partners, to help you create more diverse, more motivated and better-equipped teams; teams to grow you as individual agencies and our sector as a whole. Don’t be shy to ask us for more help.

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What to do now
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