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It’s five years since Creative Pioneers was launched: a collaboration between some of media’s leading influencers, created by the IPA, supported by the Creative Industries Council, delivered by Arch Apprentices and promoted by Metro.

Our credentials

During this time the launch apprenticeship scheme has placed more than 800 apprentices across more than 100 companies. Now, with the benefits of 5 years of learning, the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy, and UK creative industries growing three times faster than the rest of the UK economy, the planets are even more perfectly aligned. Plus, Arch Apprentices, our delivery partner, has been graded as Ofsted Outstanding in all areas, which places us in the top 4% of all learning institutions in the UK.



You can use our tools and resources, bespoke for IPA members, to get the most out of the levy. A growing number of agencies already use our financial modelling tools, our programme overviews and our planning approach.


Our Ofsted Grade 1 provision guarantees the very best professional-grade programmes for you and your employees. This includes off the job training (face to face, virtual and self-directed), on the job training, support for line managers and end-to-end holistic support. For programmes that we do not directly deliver, we have a supply chain of recommended partners.


You have your own dedicated account manager so that understanding how your levy is spent and keeping track of your apprentices’ progress is simple and easy at all times. And if issues or new opportunities arise, your account manager is also there.


Take advantage of our 5 years’ experience of recruiting new people into the industry. Over 95% of those who complete the programme stay in the industry, so we know it works. We can also run bespoke recruitment sessions for your agency, and you can dip into our pool of available candidates at any time.

Six pillars to support your programme

Creative Pioneers can do SIX things for participating agencies.

1. Deliver outstanding training programmes.

2. Provide the tools for easy programme management.

3. Give every agency its own dedicated account manager

4. Add a recruitment service for new hires at no additional cost

5. Develop new apprenticeship programmes for agencies.

6. Give a voice to the industry.


Business impact

Maximise the business impact of the levy in line with your agency’s priorities, whether it’s diversity, retention, upskilling or simply getting as much of the levy back as possible.


Understand the options available to you and make better decisions for your agency.


Be clear about the skills gaps in your organisation and where your levy spend should go.

Rapid learning

Introduce a culture of continuous learning as employees, new and old, embrace revolutionary training.

Our Experience

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Metro newspaper is read by 3.2 million UK readers every weekday morning. Alongside its award winning digital editions, Metro contains bite-sized news, sport, entertainment and local information that trigger conversations.

The IPA works with the Apprenticeships Ambassador Network to promote quality apprenticeships.

The IPA works with sector skills council Creative Skillset to deliver apprenticeship frameworks.

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