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Changes in apprenticeships mean changes for Creatve Pioneers 2

November 22 2017  ·  4 min read

The Apprenticeship Levy is now well underway and companies across the country are starting to see the full benefits of it. Six months have now passed and it has lead to a number of massive changes being made to the way learning and development are being offered to employees. The benefits of the levy do not stop at just opening the employment world to your traditional ‘school leaver’ apprentices, but also help further ingrain the training and development offered to existing employees, in a range of business sectors.

With such extensive changes coming to the apprenticeship industry, it is no wonder that we at Creative Pioneers 2 have had to adapt as well. Some of these changes have come organically, others have developed out of big organisational changes. 

Firstly, we have had to prepare ourselves and our delivery methods to cope with the new apprenticeship standards. The move from frameworks over to standards came hand in hand with the Apprenticeship Levy and has meant that the courses we now deliver are ‘written by employers for employees’. This has made our course content much more rigorous and challenging for both the apprentices and trainers. This is highlighted by the learning modules being much more industry-specific and supported by a real-world focus so that the skills apprentices learn are actually applicable to their full-time job. For instance, the newly improved Level 3 Digital Marketer apprenticeship programme contains learning modules related to coding, email marketing campaigns and SEO implementation. All of which have resulted in us investing in and improving our learning facilities, apprenticeship trainers and learning tools.

Furthermore, we have recently partnered with an Ofsted 'outstanding' rated training provided, called Arch Apprentices. This has not only fundamentally helped improve our readiness for the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy, but has also opened the door to a much greater number of business sectors that we can work with, as well as increased the number of standards we are able to offer. As a digital and IT based training provider that work with a number of household names, such as John Lewis, Google and Facebook, to name but a few, it is no surprise that clients we work with have grown and varied substantially. The increase in apprenticeship standards that we offer has allowed us to help our clients develop their company departments, which fall outside of the traditional creative sector. For example, we are now helping Omnicom Media Group up-skill their HR and finance departments with our newly updated course list.

Our unrivalled connection with the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) has allowed us to work with some of the country’s most exciting and dynamic advertising companies, which we’re looking to further develop and expand upon. The changes to the apprenticeship world have been exciting and invigorating for Creative Pioneers 2, and forced us to refresh our whole approach. With our extensive connections to the IPA and our new partnership with one of the countries leading apprenticeship training providers, we are more than ready for the challenges and opportunities that the levy will bring.

If you would like to find out more about how your agency could benefit from the Apprenticeship Levy then please feel free to email me or give me a call on 0208 0809 554

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