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Harry Looney

Age: 21



Trainee Account Manager


brain do

A QUOTE From the Employer 

Harry has done really well to get into the swing of things at MAXIMeyes, he has taken on a lot of work from Reda and Yolanda and this has allowed them to focus their time on other projects. Harry has also been very helpful in taking on queries from myself and although he still has a lot to learn he is picking up industry knowledge quickly and with great enthusiasm.

Harry has been really helpful with all the Redefine queries that I have passed to him and he is always sending me updates and asking me questions to try to resolve the queries as quickly as he can. Thank you so much for all your efforts.

Harry created a game for everyone to get involved in the TGIF meeting and Harry not only has the courage, but was very calm when hosting the game to his fellow colleagues.

Being opposite Harry, I have heard his very gentle and calm telephone manner and is pleasing to hear. He is still learning but has a making and development of having very good communication skills.

Harry is a constant help to all of C Team whenever we have any queries we would like assistance with. He is learning Salesforce very quickly and has made great progress since he started. 

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